Holding a wedding party will make you have to prepare many things related to the wedding. the number of things that need to be prepared to make a lot of people take a long time to finish. Now, many people are choosing online marriage  in order not to feel the hassle of laying it.

If you have a little time and want to hold a wedding, then there are some tips that you should do. some of those tips are

1. Complete all necessary files
Never underestimate this. Because often that makes the preparation of marriage a long time there, is the time needed to take care of the marriage file. usually, the file relates to government and religious affairs. If you have little time, then focus on this preparation to be more quickly resolved.

2. Determine the budget as a control tool
Once it is clear how many invited guests will be attending your party, then you can continue by creating a budget. Calculate clearly and detail for this one. You must divide what percentage you and your spouse contribute to making the budget wedding you dreamed of. From this preparation, you can find places, catering, invitations, souvenirs, and so forth. Of course, everything must adjust to the budget that has been made. make sure also that you are budgeting to anticipate these unexpected costs.

3. Plan your dress, catering, and invitations
The dress is certainly a thing that is prepared in great detail by the women. then immediately choose a simple dress and of course in accordance with the theme of the wedding you want. You can buy your own cloth and design it as you wish. In addition, catering and invitations must also be made well because it will be seen and enjoyed by the guests. Providing the best for them means you have honored all the guests you invited to your wedding later.

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