Warehouse of go here is a special facility that is permanent. Warehousing management is an order to manage a warehouse so that goods remain in good condition. In addition to warehouse management, it also includes the distribution of goods at the right specifications and quantities to the requestor or recipient. Packing and shipping, also checking the truth and completeness of the order. Packing goods and making packing list documents. Prepare shipping containers. Prepare documents needed to weigh and load into container trucks. We have a workforce that is trained and experienced in logistics. Contact us to support your logistics needs. We offer attractive prices for daily, monthly and annual warehouse rentals.

Decisions about marketing distribution channels are important decisions in management. The selected channel will influence other marketing decisions. Errors in choosing a distribution channel can hinder the distribution of goods or services. According to Kotler, distribution channels are a group of companies or individuals who have ownership rights to products or help move ownership rights of products or services when they are transferred from producers to consumers, distribution strategies are important in distribution and transportation management. Before discussing it, we first understand the distribution channel. In general, there are three distribution strategies that are commonly applied. The three distribution strategies include direct shipment, warehousing, and cross-docking.

Direct shipping is a point-to-point service by removing intermediate facilities. For example, is a warehouse and distribution center. DSD (Direct Store Delivery) is a factory sending goods directly to retail outlets. Direct shipping characteristics include perishable items, large volume items or special products. Warehousing is a product stored in a warehouse or distribution center before being sent to the store. The characteristics of goods with direct shipping include durable goods, large volume goods, high-risk products (uncertain supply and demand problems).

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