Arung jeram is an extreme water sport. Some people have known arung jeram as rafting. As we all know, the sport has possibilities to get injured. Moreover extreme water sport. The possibility to get injured is larger. One of the most favorite play parks in Jakarta, Dufan, also has arung jeram. But, arung jeram dufan is an artificial rafting.
As mentioned before, an extreme sport has huge possibilities to get injured. But, for the one who is not brave enough to do this, you may try arung jeram dufan. Even though promo dufan november 2018 using an artificial river, they made their artificial rafting as close as possible with the real one.

Because there is a huge possibility to get injured, to play the real arung jeram or rafting need an extra preparation. First, you must have a good condition body. it means that when you want to play arung jeram, make sure that you are not sick.

Second, you have to wear a safety kit and comfortable outfit. The safety kits is a helmet and a safety jacket. A helmet will protect your head from rocks or cliffs. While a safety jacket, it will help you when you are drowning. This safety jackets will help you to float. For the comfortable outfit, you have to wear something simple and comfortable. Because your outfit will affect your movement in the water.

Third, before you are doing this extreme water sport, make sure you already warm your body up. You need to do this. Because you have to row your boat to make it move forward. Sometimes you take a long time to finish the journey. So, if you are not warming your body up, there is a possibility to get cramps.

Last, for the one who can’t swim. You stil can do this extreme water sport. But, you have to tell the instructor. So, if something happens to you, they will help you as soon as possible.

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