Before there was an internet, people got information on job vacancies from non-digital media such as pamphlets, newspapers, and word of mouth home page . While in the current internet era, job vacancy information can be announced via the internet. Such as through the company’s official website, job site provider, social media, and the like. With the job centre online, you have more chance to apply for jobs. This means that you have a greater opportunity to get the call for an interview for the vacant position of a certain company.

The difference is that in the past people who got information about vacancies from non-digital media had to come directly to the company that opened the job just to leave a job application letter. So now with the ease of technology, job applicants simply use the internet to do so. The advantage is certainly faster and more efficient in terms of time, the company will easily sort out the candidates who fit the criteria to be interviewed by looking at the incoming electronic application letter.

There are two types of ways to apply for work online, namely;

– Applying Through Company Official Email

Email is an important communication medium in the digital era. You certainly need to have a personal email first if you want to apply for job online.

– Simply Applying On The Website Of Job Vacancy

With technology development, you now can use the service that the job vacancy site provides you with. You can even find so many job vacancies that match you and in accordance with your educational background, skill, expertise, and experience. After you send your application email directly or use the job provider site, there is no guarantee that all Candidates will be called for interviews or job interviews. Every company has different requirements. If you meet the requirements, you are most likely contacted by the company directly either by email or telephone.

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