Today, the term SEO is increasingly being used and maybe some of you think SEO is a complicated technique. You may often read various SEO guides that you can easily find online through search engines. With the development of online business today, having expertise in the field of SEO can help you get a part-time job or freelance and you can work from home. Interesting right?

But before, of course, you have to learn various things about SEO first. Various guides that you can for free on the Internet will indeed help in the process of learning SEO, but you also have to understand the basics of SEO so do not even run an outdated SEO tutorial. It’s good for you to visit our website and find the best new york seo.

In its development, SEO Trend is always changing so you will need different SEO techniques to follow it. Some of the techniques used a few years ago can be less effective or even damage your website optimization. Here are 5 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid:

– Filling Meta-tags with Keyword

In the ’90s, the practice of “SEO optimization” for most webmasters meant incorporating relevant keywords into the meta-tag of a web page. There is nothing wrong with putting keywords into the tag to identify the content of the page, but putting many similar keywords to achieve 10-12 sentences is an SEO mistake. It is also called keyword stuffing.

Since 2009, Google no longer uses meta-keywords as a determinant of website ranking due to the number of spam done by webmasters. But this does not mean that meta-keywords are completely useless. Meta keywords are still used to determine the content on the page, but not the factors that determine the ranking of websites on search engines and practice spamming keywords or keyword stuffing can be at risk of lowering the ranking of the website.

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