As you move from photography to videography as your way to capture the moment either personally or as part of your profession, you enter a much bigger world with bigger challenges as well. For one thing, you now have to deal with movement issues. Lighting and surface noise problems are just as big a problem unless now you have subjects that may be on the go and you should go with them.

But when using a camcorder to capture the event under surveillance, whether it be a wedding, speech or presentation or other significant event, the problem of having the best quality sound presents a unique challenge. So it’s best to do some planning concentrated on how you are going to accommodate the needs of event sounds for the equipment because if you have beautiful pictures but the words and sounds of the show are muddy or lost, then the quality of your final product is seriously broken. Many unsatisfactory videos are taken with the camcorder because the operator also relies heavily on a small microphone built into the engine case. The only circumstance under which this microphone might be adequate would be if you were conducting a one-on-one interview in a small room where you could position the camera within three feet of the subject. Even then, the surface noise from surrounding buildings could be part of the audio outside the operator’s awareness at the moment.

To ensure that you have a complete awareness of what’s happening to your video recording of any event, investing in a well-closed back headphone set to monitor audio is a remarkable move. You can Connect to the camera and you are dynamically aware of what happens to the recording all the time. If something goes into inappropriate audio, you can use editing techniques or even re-shoot segments if that’s possible in the event context. For most events, plan to use an audio input auxiliary plug to incorporate a mobile microphone unit rather than depending on the onboard microphone in the camcorder casing. Small Plugs alone open up a wide range of solutions to the problem of poorly camcorder audio that so often endemic videos made with this technology.

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