One of the cartoon series that has achieved success until now is The Simpsons. Almost everyone knows the cartoon series and even the fans don’t hesitate to make caricatures of their faces and replace them with the characters of The Simpsons. You can also do it using the Simpsons Avatar.

This cartoon series is known for its attractive yellow color and even the shape of the character which also attracts many people. Aside from these factors, this series is also known for its precise predictions or predictions about the future in several episodes. In fact, there are some predictions in this film that turned out to be a reality in the present. Some predictions in question are

– Three-eyed fish due to nuclear at The Simpsons 1990
In the episode of The Simpsons in 1990, Homer tells of a three-eyed fish named Blinky from a river. This river has been contaminated with waste from a power plant. Exactly 21 years later, 2011, found a three-eyed fish in a nuclear-contaminated reservoir in Argentina.

– September 11, New York in 2001 turned out to have been in this series of episodes four years earlier
In the episode entitled “The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson “, there’s a scene. Lisa (Bart’s sister) reads a magazine that shows the number 9 with two twin buildings that symbolize the number 11.

– Go-Pro cameras that had a trend a few years ago were also in this episode, precisely in 1994
In the episode “Homer and Apu” in 1994, Homer was asked to use a hat equipped with a natural camera in an investigation program. In this series, the purpose of using a hat camera is to capture Apu the food seller from Kwik-E-Mart.

Of all the predictions that exist, maybe you will think of it as mere coincidence and just happen. however, there are also some people who believe that all of these predictions are planned.

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